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Sauce Queen

Honey Hot sauce

Sweet meets Heat. 

Marinate. Drizzle. Dunk. An everything sauce you can use on... well, everything. 

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Sauce Queen

Sauce / Spice 


You've got the sauce now what? You need the spoon to help you drizzle and dust. A tool that will soon be most used in your kitchen. 

From One Queen
To Another

Chef India is a Sauce Queen, and she wants you to be the Sauce Queen of your kitchen too! Focusing on that ideal, she created the Sauce Queen brand to provide you access to easy-to-make and flavorful food. With simple and natural ingredients paired with great recipes, much of Chef India’s products are based on fresh, local, and classics made with cultural and exotic twists with the at-home cook in mind.


“I want you to fall in love with cooking at home while eliminating the thought of it being a hassle.”

Chef India Johnson


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